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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems Several variables influence how attractive and long-lasting your landscape will be. Choosing the right plants, topsoil fertilizer solutions, and insect control treatments is vital. Well-planned and -installed irrigation systems are necessary for watering your plants, grass, and trees on a routine basis, in addition to doing all the other things that need to be done.

Grounds Care Ltd. has been around for a while, so we have the experience, workforce, and equipment to offer first-rate landscape management services to our customers in and around New City, New York.

Tailored Irrigation Installations

Our individualized strategies for lawn and garden care cover every base. We guarantee top-notch service, including the design and installation of irrigation systems. With our many years of expertise, we can provide our commercial and residential clients with the best possible irrigation solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Because of each property's unique characteristics, it is essential to do a site survey and evaluation before developing an efficient irrigation strategy. Some property owners prefer not to hire anyone to water their plants and grass and do it themselves. They quickly learn, however, that doing so on their own is a complex and time-consuming task.

Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems

An automatic irrigation system is one of the best ways to ensure your garden is watered regularly. Installing an irrigation system requires careful preparation. Before we come up with a unique plan, our team will assess the site. Whenever an irrigation system is part of a larger landscaping project, we find it far more straightforward and cost-effective to design a plan tailored to the landscape's specific needs.

Our design team recommends grouping plants with similar watering demands, and the planned irrigation system will be up to par with these standards. We undertake irrigation system upgrades for commercial and residential customers in addition to new installations. We'll know your product and installation preferences by working directly with you. Our staff will offer suggestions to help you choose reasonably priced irrigation equipment that meets your needs.

Different Irrigation Systems

As stated previously, we constantly apply a tailored approach to our projects. Depending on the kinds of plants, the design of the outdoor areas, and the degree of separation between the different plants, we implement a variety of irrigation systems. Here are some of the various forms of irrigation products we use:
  • Automated sprinklers
  • Drip irrigation installations
  • Soaker hose fittings
  • Other
The best and most long-lasting landscape irrigation infrastructure on our clients' sites is always the result of combining all the systems we provide. If you want your features to last for years without malfunctioning, you should obtain them from us since we use only the latest, highest-quality items and install them according to standard practices.

If you are looking for superior irrigation systems, Grounds Care Ltd. can help. For more information about these and our other services like walls, patios, and snow plowing, please call us at 845-639-4400 or use this Contact Us form to write to us.